Our Utopian City New Gate

New Gate

by Teo and Samuel

New Gate Values

Freedom: A major quality of our city is that people are free to do anything they please. There are no strict laws, therefore freedom is maximized. Although this sounds problematic, the small size of this society allows people to form meaningful relationships and to trust one another. Furthermore, anyone is allowed to leave and come back whenever they want.


Safety: In our city, we value safety, and we want to make sure that all citizens are safe and feel free to do as they please. There is a significant group in the city that works towards keeping the civilians safe and are at the ready when needed. Since there are easy to follow laws with few people, the crime rate is low, and people can live freely.


Green living: A crucial value of our city is green living. Our city contains many trees and natural plants. This is a mandatory attribute towards happiness because plants can increase morale in the habitat and make people feel welcomed. Moreover, plants are required for a green and healthy environment. Our city does not contain any big factories or machines. Instead, life is simpler because newer technology is absent.


Community: Community is a key value that is crucial to a well-developed city. All citizens get along with each other and respect each other’s rights. People can connect with one another with ease due to the population being small and the housing being walking distance from one another. Without technology in our city, it’s much easier for everyone to talk face to face and converse with one another, thus leading to committed relationships with one another.


Communication Reflection

            In this project, me and Samuel were tasked with developing an optimal city with the use of any design app. We decided to use the recommended city creator website to create our place. Next, we came up with 4 values the city should contain and integrated them into our arrangement. After we finished our layout, we explained the qualities. I was responsible for describing “Green living” and “Freedom”, while Samuel was responsible for “Safety” and “Community”. To communicate, we conferred at school and utilized emails to make sure we both completed our parts. We discussed all our decisions and used our time efficiently. We worked well together and did not encounter many difficulties. I found this project entertaining while learning how to use the different online tools. We put great effort into combining our ideas to construct an ideal city, therefore I am pleased with the result.



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