Phopus Hurg City Design

In Phopus Hurg, we personally value and take to heart the ideas of nature, recreation, connection, pets, culture, nutrition, and family. All of these aspects are reflected in our design, which includes many natural aspects (lots of trees, gardens, farms, and the Magakattou River) and features a very open-concept design to signify communication and unity.


In my opinion, the planning system we made somewhat worked out. We were able to complete the project and design it fully, but it really began to break down around the work distribution and the time frame we required to finish all of our designs. Each member did relatively their fair share, however, one member did not complete their part (which we relied on), hence the project be late. Aside from that, each person did what they were supposed to do.

Decisions were almost always made beforehand, with the whole group involved. However, disagreements were not handled well and often ended in conflict with the other person, causing us to waste time and get less done. Time, for the most part, was not handled very well since the project was indeed late despite my best efforts to hand it in on time. There was just so much to do in too little time.

Communication between group members was excellent, with regular check-ins and suggestions made via text. However, in some instances, I was away/busy (e.g. at soccer practice) and was not able to communicate with the rest of the team.

We, as a group, did not fulfill the project’s deadlines and came a bit short of our expectations. We set the goal much further than we could actually achieve with the amount of time given, and picked a difficult program to create our city in. Despite all this, I am still happy with how the city eventually turned out. It was a large project and we managed to finish it without giving up or deciding to take an easy way out.

In the future, my main focus would be to improve on our planning skills, work distribution, and completing things within the deadline. We as a team bit off more than we could chew when actually designing the city, wanting to add all these complex and intricate buildings and details.


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