My Digital Footprint

Ways to Build a Positive Digital Footprint:

I used Venngage to make this “Infographic.”

My Reflection

My digital footprint can leave both positive and negative impacts on my life. Whether it be people siphoning my data and selling it to foreign companies or what I say or do online. I never internet that isn’t private, as it’s a very dangerous act since anyone can use it. I also, before posting anything check over the post to make sure that I don’t share anything I wouldn’t want to be shared. I’ve never posted my face on my social media accounts. My preferred strategies of keeping a healthy online presence is through not using social media very often. I’m basically a ghost, since I post once a year or every 6 months. I only accept people who are followed by people I know or are acquainted with. I usually only talk to my close friends, and this way of using social media has worked for me for years. Basically I don’t use social media as much as others may. My dad and online experiences have both heavily affected the way I act and what I do online. My dad has taught my brothers and I since we were young on do’s and don’ts for behaving online. Online experiences like videos spreading awareness of things that have happened to people who weren’t careful on the internet have also helped my decision making online. This has helped me mature online and in my daily life, as people act very differently online than they may in real life. This goes for myself and my friends. Online talking with others isn’t to big of a deal, but in real life I lean towards being more anti-social. This year I’ve definitely become more social than the past few years.

This project was most definitely my least favorite of the 4 we have done this year. I thought we were going to show our online digital footprint but instead we sort of just made an online awareness project. But almost everyone uses the internet nowadays so a lot of youth know what to avoid on the internet, especially teens. I also found this ADL project very uninteresting. This was just some feedback on this project.

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