Our Utopian City

Crystal City


Happiness: Happiness is a big value for us and we think it is very important for people to be happy, and the colour for happiness is yellow in our city, and they can be found on the trees.

Environment: The environment is also an important value for us and we have built greenhouses all over the city and they are used to grow plants in and we also have trees all over our city.

Safety: Safety is our number one priority and we have 2 police stations and 2 hospitals, they could be found on the top left and the top right. Blue and Red represent safety in our city.

Education: Education is very important for young kids and we have a school built in our city (the brown building on the bottom left.

Family: Family is also quite important and we have it as one of our five values and we have light blue representing it and light blue is on the flag and the kids that are playing in the snow are also wearing blue clothing.

Communication Reflection

For this Project me and Owen Teamed up to make a Utopian city, we used the city creator website and made sure we took and advantage of the time that was given to us. We didn’t split up the responsibilities so that we could both voice our opinions about the whole project and that we were both going to be satisfied with the final product, and to communicate we used Snapchat to contact each other if needed. We worked very fast and efficiently and didn’t face any problems along the way. After we were done with the design I took a photo of the city and put it photoshop and gave it a few final touches, I colored the Ambulance, Police car, Police station, and the hospital. We were both satisfied with the final product and there is nothing to improve for next time. 


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