Our Utopian City:

Snow City

This city was designed and created by Zoe, Eshana, and Nick.

Snow City Values

Community- Living in a city means, living in a place where community is important. A Good community where its safe, happy, kind, and has a great environment, is where people would want to live for the rest of their lives. Snow city’s community is a joyful and free place to explore, that includes companionship, goodwill, devotion, etc. Its important for this community to stay positive, in order for people to feel safe and confident. At Snow City our community is always fun and cheerful, when people ice skate around the Christmas tree in the park , ski or snowboard on top of the mountains, and spread love and kindness to each other while doing it.

Health- Health is a trait that each of us value. How we included it in our city was by adding a hospital, gym, and people either snowboarding or skiing. A hospital is a good way of showing health because they try to keep you in good health if you aren’t. They tell you what to do or take to stay healthy. The gym represents health because the gym help you maintain your weight and, keeps you on a good diet. Your weight and what you eat are a big part of help. Skiing and Snowboarding are both sports and doing sports is good for your health so is the communication you have with your team. they keep you motivated and help you have a positive mindset. This is also a part of being healthy, not just with your body but healthy for you mentally. All of these are located in our city. The hospital is next to the church, the gym is next to the restaurant and the snowboarders and skiers are by the snowy mountains.

Building healthy relationships –
One of the values that our group feels that is really important to have is healthy relationships. The buildings in our city that represent healthy relationships are: The hotel, this spot could be used for honeymoons/family vacations. The restaurant, this spot can be used for family dinners, date nights, and outings with friends. Park this spot is a place where young kids and moms can make friends and connect through play. Houses that are close together establishing a trust between the families. I believe healthy relationships is a key value to have in any town because whether its friends, family, or lovers’ healthy relationships establish not only trust but also a sense of belonging as you feel happy knowing you are surrounded by people your close to.

Symbolic Colours:

Blue- The colour blue symbolizes trust and loyalty two things that our group believes is crucial to a good city. Trust and loyalty between citizens establish strong bonds and connections amongst people which we believe is really important. This colour can be found throughout the city on buildings and in the sky.

The colour white symbolizes successful beginnings and protection. With a new city our group believes heavily in the citizens feeling safe and the colour white symbolizes that. Also, successful beginnings are key in the start of a new city so white seems fitting. White can be seen all around our city as white is the colour of snow.

Communication Reflection

for my groups city design project we designed our future city. Our group used a program that is called City Creator in order for us to design and create our city. We communicated with one another in class, by taking turns and coming up with idea’s on how to build and design our city. We shared our ideas together to see what would work for our city, and listened to each other one by one. My responsibility was helping with the design and writing a paragraph about our community value, and each member contributed to the design by sharing their ideas. We worked together in class efficiently, and very well as group, and used our time wisely before class ended. How we made our decisions was we picked three values we wanted for our city, and each of us chose one of the values to write a paragraph on, and no we did not face any problems on this project together.  Yes I was satisfied with our final product because of what our values represented. the only thing we could improve on was having more time.


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