Meal planning assignment


the goal of the assignment was to make a meal plan for the entire family. We needed to make sure that everyone participated. We needed to consider when people were home and what time someone may need to leave for evening activities.  



On Monday … for Monday we picked to make chicken noodle soup. for the portion we will make the whole recipe, but we will have two extra servings we will let the teens bring the extra servings to school. For cooks we picked parent b and teen 1 because parent b comes home at 5:30 and teen 1 comes home at 5:00 so when parent b comes home, they both start cooking. We made dinner time at 6.20 because it takes about 45 minutes to make the chicken noodle soup and to prepare the food and set the dinner table. So, they have 1 hour to eat the chicken noodle soup  

On Tuesday … for Tuesday we chose to make the vegetable pad Thai. For the portion we will make the whole recipe, for the cooks we picked parent A and teen 1 because parent A comes home at 5:00 and teen 1 comes home at 3:30. When parent A gets home both parent A and teen 1 and get started on cooking dinner. We decided on choosing 5:40 to 640 as our dinner time because to make the pad Thai it takes about 35 minutes also like setting up the table and like other things. So, in conclusion they will receive an hour of eating time

On Wednesday … For Wednesday we decided to have Parent B and Teen 2 to make grilled cheese sandwiches. We had them cook at the same time to save time because the time they had was slim. The time to make grilled cheese was 10 minutes with a serving of 2, so we had 2 people make them at the same time to save 10 minutes and have enough food for every member of the family. We made the time to eat 30 minutes from 6:00 to 6:30 because we gave them time to rest when they get home and time to setup the table, the reason dinner time is only 30 minutes is because we thought that 30 minutes was enough time to talk together as a family and way more than enough time to each a single grilled cheese sandwich. 

On Thursday we chose to make our own pizza because it’s quick and easy with little to no prep. This is also a meal that everyone can participate in to customize. Parent B gets home first this day, so it is easy for them to start this recipe. The make your own pizza have more Nutrional value because you can use fresh ingredients.  

On Friday … We had Parent B to cook tortilla soup on Friday. We chose this person because they were the 1st parent to get home. The teens didn’t have enough experience to make a soup. This recipe is 8 servings you will have left overs for the next day.


collaboration reflection

  1. we all talk about what food we would do on each day and also made who should cook and like other things. also shared information to each other and got the word document done very fast
  2. we used technology is share our information, like we made a document to put all our information into. technology was helpful when we were searching up the online recipes we could find good recipes to right down and to see how long they take to make.
  3. the tasks that were distributed in our group was. Nathan was the Recipe person and Portion of Recipe. I was the cooks and Jackson was the dinner time person
  4. for the tasks that I completed was, for the solution I did half of Monday half of Tuesday and half of Wednesday and I also did Monday’s and Tuesday’s justification and for the last thing I did was the problem part

self assessment: collaboration and critical thinking

I know the group is working well together when I hear/ see the whole group working together and giving ideas for the project and helping each other to finish the project as fast as passible and as well as we can.

If there is disagreement within the group, I find it helpful to talk amongst our group to find an answer to the problem instead of fighting with each other.

I can describe how … (this thing I learned at school) relates to this experience I had where one time I had to make dinner for my family and I had to find out when I should start cooking dinner and when people come home so when they all come home they don’t have to wait for dinner they can just eat right away

I compile and synthesize information to draw reasoned conclusions, such as when I was doing my justification I compiled a lot of information for the justification and I so much info that it was easy to get reasoned conclusions


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