PHE 9 AH Reflection

My Stressors

things that stress me out was when I had a big test for socials and I had a big project to finish I had to do both and it stress me out a lot the way I coped with the test and the project was I took some time to play with my pets and after took some time to study and finished up my project. Also another thing that stress me out is after I do a test because I’m scared if I did bad on a test and the way I cope with it is just to play games to get the stress out of me and to just tell myself that I did good

Core Competency Reflection

I can show a sense of accomplishment and joy. I take pride in my work and myself.

when I finished my big project for socials I was accomplished that I finished it on time and I like how I made my project

I can reflect on my thinking.

I can look at my work and reflect of my work and see if its good to my liking and change my thinking if I don’t like it

I can ask open-ended questions to gather information.

I can ask my friends and teachers questions about things and gather information on thing I need help on

Core Competency Self-Assessment

Reflection on Collaboration and Conflict Resolution


I think I can collaborate pretty well in groups because I can get along with other people easily

usually I like to avoid small conflicts but if its a big conflict I would usually go for Accommodating the other person or the group because I don’t want to have fights over things

I think the one thing I could improve on is my Listening skill because usually I just talk to the other person to just make them get other the conflict and not listen to what the want to say

math 9 Core Competencies

I can reflect on my thinking when I do math. if I’m ever stuck on something I usually do the question a few times then go back to break down what I do in step by step then if I still don’t get the answer I would ask the person right next to me asking him for some feedback and ask him if I did it right or not. if the person next to me and I both don’t get it or have the answer then I would go ask the teacher after getting help I walk back to my desk and check on my work and reflect on based on the question steps. I really like math class because its better then middle school math and it feels better

Advertisement and Persuasion

My Advertisement

Persuasion and Advertisement Techniques

for my persuasion project, I choose to sell a product. the product I choose to sell was a Nintendo switch I picked a Nintendo switch because I had nothing to pick and why not. my product is supposed to make people have a fun time playing games. my slogan is “getting this product will make your sad life into a fun happy life in one second” the advertisement techniques I used were ​eye appeal ​and special offers. I use eye appeal because my product catches my audience’s eyes and I used special offers to get my audience to buy my product I said buy one get one free game.

Core Competency Reflection

I can reflect on my thinking

I can identify my strengths and identify my potential

I can tell what is important to me and I can explain my values

I can develop a body of creative work overtime

I choose I can reflect on my thinking because now after finishing the advertisement project I reflected on my thinking and ask myself what I could have done better with my information and my thinking about my advertisement. I used I can identify my strengths and identify my potential because when I was choosing what i should do for my advertisement i remembered that my strengths are i know a lot about video games so I choose something I know a lot about and I have. I used I can tell what is important to me and I can explain my values I guess video games are important to me because I know a lot about them I choose I can develop a body of creative work overtime because I guess my advertisement was different to everyone else’s.