Core Competency

 Industrial revolution shark tank project

I can reflect on my thinking.

I can reflect on my thinking and my project because I realized that my presentation was not that good because my project had a lot of misspelled words in the PowerPoint and other things also we did not do that great at presenting the project we were looking down when we were talking and others things if we had a little more time to do the project we would have edited the PowerPoint and fix the spelling, practice on presenting the project with my partner because my partner and I did not have time edit the project or practice our PowerPoint at all we kinda rushed it to be honest. in conclusion, if my partner and I had like one more block to work we would have had a better project

I can show a sense of accomplishment and joy. I take pride in my work and myself.

I can show a sense of accomplishment and joy on our PowerPoint. after we finished I was so relieved like I was talking to myself and saying “yes finally it’s done I don’t have to suffer through this anymore”. I and my partner started talking right after saying “damn bro we did so bad on the presentation” because we were looking down at our paper while we were talking and other things also we had a lot of spelling mistakes overall we did pretty bad on the project. but I took pride in my work like I felt satisfaction after finishing. we did our project and presented it even tho we did do that great compared to other people we tried our best.