Advertisement and Persuasion

My Advertisement

Persuasion and Advertisement Techniques

for my persuasion project, I choose to sell a product. the product I choose to sell was a Nintendo switch I picked a Nintendo switch because I had nothing to pick and why not. my product is supposed to make people have a fun time playing games. my slogan is “getting this product will make your sad life into a fun happy life in one second” the advertisement techniques I used were ​eye appeal ​and special offers. I use eye appeal because my product catches my audience’s eyes and I used special offers to get my audience to buy my product I said buy one get one free game.

Core Competency Reflection

I can reflect on my thinking

I can identify my strengths and identify my potential

I can tell what is important to me and I can explain my values

I can develop a body of creative work overtime

I choose I can reflect on my thinking because now after finishing the advertisement project I reflected on my thinking and ask myself what I could have done better with my information and my thinking about my advertisement. I used I can identify my strengths and identify my potential because when I was choosing what i should do for my advertisement i remembered that my strengths are i know a lot about video games so I choose something I know a lot about and I have. I used I can tell what is important to me and I can explain my values I guess video games are important to me because I know a lot about them I choose I can develop a body of creative work overtime because I guess my advertisement was different to everyone else’s.

About me


Hi, my name is Aaron, and I am 14. I have five sisters two nephews, a cat named Pluto, and a dog name mocha. I like to play video games with my friends, socialize with my friends and play with my pets. The goals I’ve made for myself are to work hard, pass all my courses, and make new friends. Words that describe me are energetic, chill, loud and friendly. My best courses are metalwork because in metal you can use your hands to make things, I learn best with hands-on activity that’s the reason why I like metal. Right now, we are making roses, I got to do more cool things like welding. Some other side hobbies I like to do are, play basketball with friends, teach my dog new tricks, and baking things. That’s a little bit about myself. 

my favorite website


 I choose youtube because you can watch anything you want


I choose this video because it’s very funny and it’s from my childhood


I choose this image because this was my dog when he was a good dog now he bites and barks at everything


Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there some day.”by A.A. Milne

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