The Simpsons

My Analysis

Creating and Communications

This unit helps me to learn about satire by using incongruity, exaggeration, and other comedic techniques.The Simpsons satirize most aspects of ordinary life, achieving the true essence of satire. In situational irony, the intended message is the opposite. In the film, Homer boasts about being smart while doing something incredibly dumb. One part of the film is a trimmed-down version of the original Hamlet that sticks to the original plot while adding in the Simpson humour.

I expressed my idea by understanding the stories and getting down with the thesis statement, metaphor and analogies.

The strategies that I used are by noting down the thesis statement, structuring everything and checking carefully.I used references and examples and avoid using unnecessary words.

Core Competency Reflection

I use evidence to make judgements or decisions as demonstrated in this by using my abilities to combine personal qualities with relevant knowledge and experience to make decisions.

I seek, develop and weigh options as demonstrated by identifying all the options and and compare them in terms of both cost and effectiveness have an advantage over those who can’t.

I can contribute to and work with criteria to improve my own work; evidence of that is by considering the importance of constant and never-ending self-improvement and I’ve gathered a few work management tips that will surely go a long way towards boosting my performance and value in the workplace.

Science Core Competency Self-Assessment

Collaborating through the Unknown Acids and Bases Lab

My Artifact: My partner and I collaborated during the lab.

I demonstrated my collaboration skills by asking questions to be active and supportive listeners. In discussions and conversations, I help to build understanding by asking questions and communicating. I work well with my partner to achieve goals and take roles and responsibilities in my group. I show my partner that I truly value their contribution by always helping them when they need me. Collaboration improves the way I work with my partner together and problem solves. This leads to more efficient processes, improved communication and efficient processes. Through listening and learning from each other, it helps each other to reach the goals. It takes hard work, dedication and a bit of time but collaboration is worth it that benefits all of us.