Math 9 2022 Semester 1: Positive Learner Identity

A time I used note taking to help me finish a task is when I am planning what to write in school and at home. I like to use the Cornell notetaking method when I am planning for what to write because I can plan all the events that will happen in the notes column and when I am writing I can review the summary column so I will know what I have written and what I still need to. I don’t usually use the cue column but when I do it is usually for vocabulary.

Core competency reflection

My strengths help me to defeat my challenges because when I haven’t studied for a test and need to study right before it all I need to do is get my notes and read them about 1-4 times and I will be fine. My challenges can be opportunities for growth because if I am not able to understand my notes I will know to pick a new format to help me better understand and that will become a new strength.

I am able to

What I learned

My favorite thing in P.E. this semester was weight lifting. I enjoyed this because it was very stress reliving and I was able to socialize while exercising. It was also very fun. My favorite things were the squat machine and curls with the weights. I also learned about a emotional bank account. An example of a emotional bank account is if you are nice to somebody they will be nice back. I enjoyed this semester of P.E. and made some friends.

ADL- Financial Literacy

Data and solutions

3 year GIC
year one: 80000 x 1.042= 83,360
x 1042

year 2:83,360 x 1.042= 86,861.12


year 3: 86,861.12 x 1.042=90,509+ 30,000

x 1042


I used Excel for my visual.


I used a GIC because it is more safe and you can’t loose any money like how with other things you can.

Collaboration and Contributions

1.I found working in a group having about the same amount of difficulty as working alone so it wasn’t a lot different.
2. I did most of the work in the group with the help of teachers. Nobody really contributed to my learning except the teachers. The teachers contributed to my learning by telling me how to solve the questions and helping me solve them.
3. I did not use solutions proposed by my group because there was none.
4. I would rate my ability to collaborate with others in my group a 1 because nobody was really communicating, and I was the only one doing the work.

Core Competency Reflection

I can deliberately learn about things that interest me, and new ideas pop into my head: Whenever I get a new interest, I will sometimes research about it until it is not one of my main interests anymore. I will also do research sometimes on things I have been interested in for a long time to find new facts. The ways I do research into these interests are listening to podcasts, looking them up, finding books about them, and copying the main things into a notebook.

I can develop a body of creative work overtime: If I work on something over time and it becomes interesting, I can make the work more unique. For examples when I write I usually write for 1-3 days depending on how much I do each day. If I work on my writing when I want to and over time it is much better writing than when I work on it for a hour when I don’t want to.

I can take on roles and responsibilities in a group; I do my share: In projects and group work I will always have it done. I always have it done on time and to the role that either was assigned to me or that I chose to do.

I can be kind to others, and support others when they need it: I always will help others if they need. Sometimes I can’t tell if something is wrong right away but eventually, I will realize, or they will tell me. When I know they need it I will always support them and be kind to the best of my ability. Even when nothing is wrong, and they don’t necessarily need it I will support and be kind to them always.

Core Competency Self-Assessment

Critical and Reflective Thinking: Was the French Revolution justifiable? Why or why not?

I think the French revolution was justifiable. The reason I think it is justifiable is there was peasants starving which they had to do something about. Another reason is it was just unfair how royalty and the rich would get so much when the peasants were getting close to nothing which is just very unfair. And how the cost of living like taxes, food, and more increased was also very unfair.

I can analyze evidence to make judgements.

Yes, I can analyze evidence to make judgements. A way that I could do this is look at an article on a website and judge it based on my current knowledge and beliefs on the topic.

Horror Hotel: The Movie

My Movie

Plot, Character, Setting and Mood

To figure out what my avatar would look like I looked through the book until I found a description of the character and then I followed that the best I could.
For choosing plot points I learned to only pick the major plot points, or it will be too long.
In movies and literature mood means the feeling of the book or movie. It is based on the setting. I decided on a scary/horror mood because it is about a horror book. I picked the song because it gave me as close to the same type of vibe as the book as I could get.

Core competency Reflection

This is how I select images and words to create impact for different audiences: I read the words and see what images come to my mind. after I have an idea of what I roughly want to image to look like I search for something similar (usually on Pinterest, google, safari, etc.) and once I find things that I like I add them to my computer and pick which one I like most. Sometimes I ask a friend or family member for their opinion as well. For words I like to find interesting descriptive words that I think will intrigue my audience.

When I need to boost my mood or re-focus, I sometimes take small breaks (15-60 minutes) to give my brain a break and let new ideas flow. If I can’t take a break, I sometimes work on other work I have if there is any.

In discussions and conversations, I help to build and extend understanding by building on to other people’s ideas and using Ideas based on the topic I already had.

Core Competency Goals

-I will help out in the community more
I don’t help out in the community enough so I plan to do better with that. For example helping my friends on work they don’t understand, holding the door open for people, being there for people when they need, and many more things.

-I will try harder in school
I have the tendency to not pay attention in school because I find it boring, I don’t like it and many other reasons. I also don’t always try to the best of my ability because I want to do something else sooner or get bored of it. I will try harder to stop this and pay more attention and work to the best of my ability.

-I will be more organized
I have always been bad at being organized so I will try my best to be more organized. some of the things I will do is organize my binder weekly and try my best not to lose things.