This project is the Cabin project we did in math how I made it is cutting out a outline and gluing and colouring. I enjoy math class a lot because I made new friends through that class. Two thing that I think I am doing good at in math class is hanging in my work on time and socializing. Because I get along with everyone in there even if I do not know them. One thing I could improve on in math class is my attendance because my attendance is not to great as well as paying more attention in class because sometimes I get busy talking with my friends.


When I was working on my ethics project with my partner. I didn’t know who he was before the project. But when the project started, we worked well together. As well as finished quickly and made it have good info. This is how I demonstrated that I can confidentially interact and build relationships with other group members.   



Debates Artefact

About this activity

For the debates what I had to do was research on the topic we were debating on. Either from the pro side or cons side and then I would have to get the info I need to debate on the topic. Then write a script with what I was going to say and questions for the opposite side and use during the debate

Core Competency Reflection

I can find it easy to be part of a group. How I demonstrated this is by being part of groups that I didn’t know anyone in. As well as communicate well with and work well with

I can demonstrate respectful, inclusive behavior. How I demonstrated this is by being nice to everyone no matter if I liked them or not. Another way I demonstrate this is by including everyone and talking to people I don’t know

I can ask and respond to questions to be an active, supportive listener. How I demonstrated this is by when I am in group when people talk I listen. I also respond and ask question when I listen to them in a group.

I can work with others to achieve a goal. How I demonstrate this is by working with people in a group to get a good mark. As well as working with people in a group to get work done quick.

I can form new ideas to create new things. I can also build on the ideas of others. That is the goal I want to work because as of recently I its been hard for me to do that. The steps I could take is to think more about it and sleep more because I think the amount of sleep I get has something to do with it.

Core Competency

One thing that went well for me is finding a new group of friends and also my math class I enjoy my math class because it’s chill and I got my friends in there. One thing I want to improve on is getting better grades . How I am going to do that is by studying more and paying more attention .

Favourite Recipe

Cheese planet and spaceship

Making and sharing Reflection

My favourite recipe was the Mac and cheese off I worked with two partners making this recipe we decided who would do what task the worked because I was able to get my work done quick and was able to make the beef. I enjoyed the final product and put a lot of effort into it because I did thank you.

Core competency reflection

As an active listener I notice that I I added to much beef and other ingriedents

I show others that I truly value their contributions by asking them how their days were

If there is a disagreement within the group i find it helpful to take a break and talk it out or scrap it out