Reflecting on My First Year

My Grade 9 Year

What a year it’s been! I feel like this year has been a great transitional year into high school for me, in terms of making important realizations regarding my academic interests and plans for the future. This year, I learned a variety of vital life skills, such as time-management and communication, which have helped me significantly to reach my goals. It was a rewarding experience to meet kind and knowledgeable teachers, all of whom I consider to be pleased with my progress throughout the year. Whenever I had difficulty with something, I would reach out to them or my fellow peers, who had a better understanding of the topic than I did. In doing so, I also overcame the challenge of being able to spend a reasonable amount of time on assignments, rather than applying too much perfectionism, something which can be a ‘double-edged sword’. I am very proud of all my accomplishments this year, especially getting a straight-A report card.

My Favorite Website

Khan Academy
Khan Academy is a wonderful resource for understanding concepts in a very engaging way. Personally, it helped me a lot with Math and Science, but I also found it helpful for Computer Programming. It has an uncountable number of videos, all of which contain great content.

My Favorite Video

Tim Urban: Inside the mind of a master procrastinator | TED
A TED Talk done by Tim Urban, this video was very interesting to watch and taught me some valuable lessons about time management and procrastination. I watched this video in an effort to fight my habit of procrastination, and it worked remarkably well. It also gave me insight into the reasons as to why people procrastinate to begin with.

My Favorite Image

The image above is the advertising poster which a friend of mine, Bradley Perkins, and I, made for our chess club. It is definitely one of my favorite images this year, because it represents an initiative taken by Bradley and I, and encompasses something we deeply enjoy doing our free time.

My Favorite Quote

Albert Einstein Quote

The quote above would be my favorite quote this year, as it inspired me to incorporate more creativity into my schoolwork. Not that knowledge is not important, of course! Knowledge, while vital for success, to a certain extent, is not as paramount as taking a unique approach to things, as I have learned.

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