Advertisement Persuasion Project

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Persuasion and Advertisement Techniques

Persuasion and Advertisement Unit Reflection

Why is it important to remember who benefits from the advertisement when you view an advertisement?
It is important to remember who benefits from the advertisement so that you don’t get carried away when considering it for purchase. For example, if you are viewing an advertisement for a sports car, and are thinking of buying it, possibly due to its excellent persuasive methods, it is vital to first think about who actually needs it, and would therefore benefit greatly from the information in the advertisement.

Choose one form of persuasion and explain why it is effective in persuading you/an audience: logical, ethical, emotional on an audience.
I believe that the emotional method of persuasion is extremely effective in persuading an audience, largely because of its ability to connect with viewers’ feelings and deep thoughts. This can be done by enforcing feelings of guilt, excitement, or craving of some sort. For example, an advertisement portraying the lack of clean water in developing countries might have the audience feeling guilty, and obligated to do something regarding that matter.

Choose an advertising technique and explain why it is effective in selling a product.
The logical technique of advertising is effective in selling a product, as it is excellent in the aspect of listing significant features of a specific product, or the reasons why you should buy it. A particularly adequate use of this method is by using a technique called the ‘Salesman Technique’, in which you act in a supporting way towards another product, and ultimately persuade the audience why your product is even better.

Core Competency Reflection

When there was disagreement within the group, I found it helpful to look at all the ideas at hand, and persuade my partner why one idea was better than others. By doing this, we grow closer as classmates and learn more through the process of exploration. I try to listen to my partner’s ideas to the very most, however, I know that it is equally important that my ideas get heard, and that I have a say in group decisions.

One of the ways I ensured my group was clear on what we were doing was to divide the tasks and clarify who was researching what. This allowed us to focus on our own aspects of the project, whether it be creating a persuasive advertisement, or analyzing the details of a good advertisement.

When my group was not productive, we took small breaks in order to get things moving in the right direction. We found that we did more work when we took breaks in between the block, in order to keep our brains energetic when they were ‘overloaded’.