Breakfast Home Lab

I was excited to plan this meal for my family so that I could try out some new recipes and hopefully find a new favourite. I took a couple classes to brainstorm and I used Pinterest to find my recipes. We were given the task to make 2 breakfast items and a smoothie or parfait. I wanted to make a hash and some sort of egg dish with a smoothie. I chose to make a red bell pepper and onion hash with ham and cheese egg cups and a green smoothie. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the ingredients for my green smoothie at the grocery store because of everything going on. Instead I used what I already had at home and I made a strawberry, blueberry , banana smoothie. The new recipe that I tried was the ham and egg cups. I used a muffin tin, and lined it with a piece of ham (a great alternative to bread) and spinach (to incorporate extra veggies). Then I cracked the egg in the cup and added cheese and green onions and baked it. The egg cookery method was baked eggs. Overall this was a very well balanced breakfast meal. I served this to my family for dinner because… why not? The most challenging part of the meal was pre cooking the potatoes. If I were to make these recipes again I would cook the eggs a little less and add spinach to the smoothie aswell.


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