Chili Home Lab

Yesterday I was already planning on making chili for dinner and Ms. Bolli mentioned during our online meeting that she had a chili recipe for anyone who wanted it. The safety for this recipe was knife and stove. I got to practice my knife skills while I chopped all of the ingredients. Chili is one of my family’s favourite meals and it’s easy to make with ingredients that you probably already have at home. I wanted to make it a bit healthier so I used ground turkey instead of beef. I think that it tastes pretty much the same but my Dad still thinks that beef is better. I had to make a few adaptations to the recipe and added some of my own things as well. I like to add lots of veggies so along with the red pepper, onion and beans that it called for I also added mushrooms and celery. The recipe did call for zucchini, but I didn’t have any. For the beans I used red and white kidney beans and black beans for some variety. I didn’t have all of the spices that it called for, so I just made do with what I had in my pantry. I did a lot of tasting and seasoning to make sure I got the flavours that I wanted. My favourite part about making this was toasting the spices. Before I cooked anything else I added some oil to the pot and toasted the spices for about one minuet. It made the house smell so good! Once it was done cooking I topped it with some cheddar cheese and served it with some baguette that I toasted with olive oil and rubbed with fresh garlic. I would give this meal 5 stars because the recipe was a easy to follow and it was delicious! When I make this again I would add some hot sauce or more chili powder to give it a kick.


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