Mexican Chicken

For dinner tonight I made Mexican stye chicken. The safety for this recipe was oven, stove and knife safety. I made this once a long time ago with my mom. I got this recipe from my hairdresser and it is delicious! I like it because there aren’t a ton of ingredients in it, but just enough to make it very flavourful. This dish has the perfect balance of spicy, sweet and acidity. I started off with my mise en place ( which is French for “set up”). I measured out all of my ingredients and sliced the peppers and the onions. Then a cut my chicken into cubes. I have started to get more comfortable working with raw poultry which was my goal when I started this course. Next I sautéed my chicken with garlic, salt, pepper and chili powder for some heat. When the chicken was cooked I set it aside. In the same pan I sautéed the peppers an onions then I added black beans, brown sugar, salsa, crushed tomatoes and some red wine. Then I put all of it in a glass dish in the over for 30 mins. I decided to use up some leftover rice that I had in the fridge that I made last week. When I make this recipe again I would add a little bit more salt.


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  1. Hi Adrianna!
    This popped up in my reader and I couldn’t help but comment because your mexican chicken looks so delicious! I like how you were thoughtful in setting the chicken aside so it didn’t overcook & how you let things simmer for a while to build flavour. Nice work – I hope your family enjoyed it! 🙂
    Ms L

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