Greek Dinner

For this week our task was to cook a full Greek dinner. The meal consisted of tzatziki, pita bread (from scratch!), chicken souvlaki, lemon roasted potatoes, Greek salad and Kourabiedes (Greek cookies). The safety for the recipe is oven, stove, knife and BBQ. The product standards for the pita bread was round and golden brown. The product standards for the potatoes were for them to be soft, thin and flavorful. The product standards for the chicken souvlaki was tender and moist. The product standards for the cookies were golden-brown and chewy. I divided the tasks into three days to make it more manageable. On Friday I baked the cookies. I made the dough, rolled it into balls and when it was done baking and cooling I rolled it in powdered sugar. Kourabiedes are also known as Mexican snowball cookies.

On Saturday I made the tzatziki, prepped the potatoes, chicken and some of the Greek salad. For the potatoes a sliced them lengthwise and put them in a glass baking dish with yellow mustard, lemon juice, paprika, oregano and chicken broth. I partially cooked them for 30 mins and then put them in the fridge for the next day. I marinated the chicken in the same sauce as the potatoes. For the Greek salad I chopped my red and orange pepper, red onion and cucumber.

The next day (the day of the dinner) I had lots to do! It was a lot less stressful though because of all the prep I did the days before. I prepared the rest of the ingredients for the Greek salad and put it in the fridge until I was ready to combine and dress it. I made the dough for the pita bread (it was my first time making pita bread), let it rise for 1 hour and then I pan fried it. I wanted to challenge myself with cooking my chicken so I got my Dad to show me how to use the BBQ. I skewered the chicken and put it on a ceramic tray and cooked it in the BBQ. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. The potatoes were what I struggled with the most. I followed the instructions but they weren’t done after the 20 mins of cooking them the second time. They ended up taking an extra hour and they were still a little hard. The final results were amazing! My favorite part was the pita bread and tzatziki, it tasted just like at a restaurant. The time it took for everything was so worth it! I would rate this 4.5/5 stars because the recipes were successful except for the potatoes. I would rate this 5/5 for nutrition because it includes all of the food groups.


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