Greek Dinner

For this week our task was to cook a full Greek dinner. The meal consisted of tzatziki, pita bread (from scratch!), chicken souvlaki, lemon roasted potatoes, Greek salad and Kourabiedes (Greek cookies). The safety for the recipe is oven, stove, knife and BBQ. The product standards for the pita bread was round and golden brown. The product standards for the potatoes were for them to be soft, thin and flavorful. The product standards for the chicken souvlaki was tender and moist. The product standards for the cookies were golden-brown and chewy. I divided the tasks into three days to make it more manageable. On Friday I baked the cookies. I made the dough, rolled it into balls and when it was done baking and cooling I rolled it in powdered sugar. Kourabiedes are also known as Mexican snowball cookies.

On Saturday I made the tzatziki, prepped the potatoes, chicken and some of the Greek salad. For the potatoes a sliced them lengthwise and put them in a glass baking dish with yellow mustard, lemon juice, paprika, oregano and chicken broth. I partially cooked them for 30 mins and then put them in the fridge for the next day. I marinated the chicken in the same sauce as the potatoes. For the Greek salad I chopped my red and orange pepper, red onion and cucumber.

The next day (the day of the dinner) I had lots to do! It was a lot less stressful though because of all the prep I did the days before. I prepared the rest of the ingredients for the Greek salad and put it in the fridge until I was ready to combine and dress it. I made the dough for the pita bread (it was my first time making pita bread), let it rise for 1 hour and then I pan fried it. I wanted to challenge myself with cooking my chicken so I got my Dad to show me how to use the BBQ. I skewered the chicken and put it on a ceramic tray and cooked it in the BBQ. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. The potatoes were what I struggled with the most. I followed the instructions but they weren’t done after the 20 mins of cooking them the second time. They ended up taking an extra hour and they were still a little hard. The final results were amazing! My favorite part was the pita bread and tzatziki, it tasted just like at a restaurant. The time it took for everything was so worth it! I would rate this 4.5/5 stars because the recipes were successful except for the potatoes. I would rate this 5/5 for nutrition because it includes all of the food groups.

Mushroom & Thyme Risotto

This week we were given the task of making risotto. The safety for this recipe was stove nd knife safety. This is my first time making Risotto so I watched three different videos beforehand so that I could get a better idea of how to make it and learn some helpful tips. One thing that I learned was to keep a pot of hot stock right beside the pot with the risotto in it. By adding hot stock, instead of cold stock, it keeps the rice at the proper cooking temperature. I also learned to use a wide pot/pan so that the rice cooks evenly and I learned to make sure that you don’t brown the rice. I started by sautéing shallots in butter, then I added the rice and stirred until it was coated. For this recipe you use Arborio or Italian Short Grain rice. It is shorter and wider than other rice’s. I added my chopped mushrooms and rosemary with about 3/4 cup of stock. The key to making risotto is to stir, stir, stir! Once the liquid evaporated I added a bit more and repeated this until the rice was cooked. The actual cooking process took about 30 mins. Near the ends I added butter, fresh grated parmesan cheese, salt, pepper and lemon juice, My mom made a chicken breast for dinner so that is what I served the risotto with. I topped it with more freshly squeezed lemon juice and more cheese. It was so good and it fit the product standards of being creamy and the rice not being mushy or too hard. I definitely surprised myself. I am planning on making this again very soon!

Bruschetta and Beef Stroganoff

For this week we were challenged to make a more difficult meal (or something we hadn’t made before). Yesterday was my parents anniversary so I offered to make an appetizer and dinner for them. I chose to make bruschetta for the appetizer and beef stroganoff for the main meal. The safety for these recipes was stove, knife and crockpot safety. The bruschetta was very simple but so flavourful. I diced up some red onion, tomato and basil and mixed it with a little olive oil, salt and oregano. The recipe called for celery but I chose not to add it. I toasted the baguette and rubbed it with some fresh garlic. I spooned the tomato mixture on top with some crumbed feta cheese. I served it with some balsamic vinager on top. I was surprised at how flavourful it was with so little ingredients. I cooked the beef stroganoff in my crockpot for 5 hours. This made the beef “melt” in my mouth. Before I put the beef in the crockpot I browned it in a frying pan and added it in along with all of the ingredients. I served it over egg noodles and zucchini on the side. It was delicious, but next time I would add sautéed garlic and I would sauté the onions before I added them to the pot. The product standards for the bruschetta was to have golden brown toast and it to be flavorful. The product standards for the beef stroganoff was to have tender beef and a flavorful sauce. The two recipes both met all of the product standards. I would make this again, especially because I know how to use the crockpot now.

Chicken Parmesan

Tonight for dinner I made chicken parmesan, rice and a roasted bell pepper, shallot and spinach salad. The safety for this recipe was stove, oven and knife safety. Chicken parmesan is one of my favourite meals to eat for dinner. I’ve only had it a couple times and it has always been at a restaurant so I thought that it would be fun to make at home. First I patted the chicken dry and then coated it with mayonnaise and breaded it with panko breadcrumbs and Italian seasoning. At first I thought that it would taste weird with mayonnaise instead of and egg but it gave it flavour and made it moist . Next I shallow fried the chicken in a bit of oil just until each side was golden brown. I put it on a baking sheet and coated it with marinara sauce and sprinkled it with some parmesan cheese. I broiled the chicken in the oven for 7 minuets until the cheese was golden brown and the chicken was cooked inside. For the salad I made a vinaigrette with red wine and rice vinegar, oil, dijon mustard, a bit of sugar and salt and pepper. I used a mix of iceberg lettuce and spinach and topped it with roasted red peppers and shallot (I roasted them in the oven for 5 minuets with some oil). I learned that a shallot is essentially just a small onion. My biggest challenge with this recipe was cooking with raw poultry because it isn’t my favourite thing to cook. The chicken parmesan was so delicious and I will be making this again soon. I would give this recipe and the overall experience a 5/5 because it was easy to follow and the chicken turned out perfectly!

Chili Home Lab

Yesterday I was already planning on making chili for dinner and Ms. Bolli mentioned during our online meeting that she had a chili recipe for anyone who wanted it. The safety for this recipe was knife and stove. I got to practice my knife skills while I chopped all of the ingredients. Chili is one of my family’s favourite meals and it’s easy to make with ingredients that you probably already have at home. I wanted to make it a bit healthier so I used ground turkey instead of beef. I think that it tastes pretty much the same but my Dad still thinks that beef is better. I had to make a few adaptations to the recipe and added some of my own things as well. I like to add lots of veggies so along with the red pepper, onion and beans that it called for I also added mushrooms and celery. The recipe did call for zucchini, but I didn’t have any. For the beans I used red and white kidney beans and black beans for some variety. I didn’t have all of the spices that it called for, so I just made do with what I had in my pantry. I did a lot of tasting and seasoning to make sure I got the flavours that I wanted. My favourite part about making this was toasting the spices. Before I cooked anything else I added some oil to the pot and toasted the spices for about one minuet. It made the house smell so good! Once it was done cooking I topped it with some cheddar cheese and served it with some baguette that I toasted with olive oil and rubbed with fresh garlic. I would give this meal 5 stars because the recipe was a easy to follow and it was delicious! When I make this again I would add some hot sauce or more chili powder to give it a kick.

“Healthy” Chicken Nuggets Home Lab

For dinner yesterday I wanted to make a balanced and somewhat healthy meal. I chose to make baked chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes and asparagus. With the current situation of grocery stores being somewhat empty, I challenged myself to use the ingredients that I already had at home. I chose to make these baked chicken nuggets because I made them in Foods 9 and my family loved them so much. They are a healthier version because they are baked, not fried. I coated them in a honey garlic BBQ sauce (to replace the egg), and panko bread crumbs. I love mashed potatoes as a side dish and thought they would go well with the chicken nuggets. I added some garlic powder to them for some extra flavour. I wanted to add a veggie to this dish so I used the asparagus that I had in my fridge. I cook at home all the time and I enjoyed making this for my family, and they enjoyed me making it for them!

Breakfast Home Lab

I was excited to plan this meal for my family so that I could try out some new recipes and hopefully find a new favourite. I took a couple classes to brainstorm and I used Pinterest to find my recipes. We were given the task to make 2 breakfast items and a smoothie or parfait. I wanted to make a hash and some sort of egg dish with a smoothie. I chose to make a red bell pepper and onion hash with ham and cheese egg cups and a green smoothie. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the ingredients for my green smoothie at the grocery store because of everything going on. Instead I used what I already had at home and I made a strawberry, blueberry , banana smoothie. The new recipe that I tried was the ham and egg cups. I used a muffin tin, and lined it with a piece of ham (a great alternative to bread) and spinach (to incorporate extra veggies). Then I cracked the egg in the cup and added cheese and green onions and baked it. The egg cookery method was baked eggs. Overall this was a very well balanced breakfast meal. I served this to my family for dinner because… why not? The most challenging part of the meal was pre cooking the potatoes. If I were to make these recipes again I would cook the eggs a little less and add spinach to the smoothie aswell.


Hash is one of my all time favourite breakfast foods. I love hash browns but this is definitely an elevated form. We added peppers, onions, garlic and bacon. We also added turnip along with the potatoes for variety. I didn’t think that I would like the turnips but they actually complimented the potatoes very nicely. Our biggest challenge in the lab was cooking the potatoes. When making a hash you have to “par-cook” the potatoes which means to partially cook. You have to make sure they are soft because they won’t cook fully in the pan. We boiled some and microwaved some. I think that boiling them was more efficient. Another challenge that we had was the heat of the pan. The hash ended up being a bit burnt but it still tasted good. We ate it with a fried egg and topped it with cheese. I loved this recipe and when I make it again I would turn the heat down.


For this lab we were given the option to make waffles or crepes and everyone in the class chose to make crepes. I was so excited to make them because they are fun to make and so delicious. I make them all the time at home for my family, but this time my partner and I decided to make them a little bit different. We decided to add cocoa powder to make chocolate crepes. Who doesn’t love chocolate?! Since we added the cocoa powder we had to adjust the amount of flour we put in so they wouldn’t be too dry. We made a raspberry filling and whipped cream cheese. I had never had this combination before but it sounded to good to me that I just had to try it. I was pleasantly surprised by how good they were. The first couple crepes didn’t turn out so well because we added too much oil to the pan, but once we got the hang they turned out well. Don’t let the look of these crepes deceive you, although they aren’t the prettiest, they tasted amazing!

Rustic Bread

This was my first time making bread from scratch and I loved it! Bread is one of my all time favourite things and this was such an easy bread recipe for a crusty loaf. I would compare this bread to a French baguette because it was soft on the inside but crunchy on the outside. Our products standards were golden brown, thick crust and a crunchy outside. I would rate this 10/10! I may be a bit bias because I am a bread lover, but I would recommend this recipe to everyone.