Mexican Rice

We had a chef come from LaSalle College come to demo this recipe for us. It was a fun experience and he was really upbeat and passionate about his job. He wanted to show us how to make a somewhat healthy recipe using some things that we might already have at home. I learned that when you are chopping onions and garlic, you should add some salt to them to bring out the flavours. Chef Evan put an emphasis on the importance of seasoning and tasting. He wanted us to add a pinch of this and a pinch of that and then taste to see what we needed to add more of. Chef Evan added black beans for protein but we used red kidney beans and chickpeas instead. We also used a mix of rice and quinoa to make it a bit healthier. What I liked about this dish is that it is so versatile and that we could customize it to our liking. My partner and I chose not to add jalapeƱo because we don’t like much spice. This is a dish that you could have as a meal or as a side dish. Since we made it in class I made it at home again. My favourite part was the cilantro and feta cheese that we added on top. The lime juice in this was perfect for some extra acidity.