Japanese Internment Camps

By: Aidan Grewal

All Japanese Canadians are currently undergoing a tricky situation,

just based on their race. Most not if all are being threatened due

to issues surrounding them which are out of their control. The

Canadian government has put the Japanese Canadians in Internment

camps, which seems wrong, but they are doing the whole country a

favor in my opinion by not risking the chances of the Japanese

Canadians being spies and giving valuable information to Japan to

invade Canada. They are also, protecting the Japanese Canadians and

ensuring their safety because many racist Canadians were attacking

them before being put in the camps for being “threats to society.” The

Canadian government has done the right thing to make sure everyone

feels safe and are protected while everyone is going through terror and

fears of an invasion by Japan.

Core Competencies and Self Reflection

I did analyze evidence from the research I did and made judgements by going over my notes and making sure I understand the signifigant parts of the events.

  I can now understand and tell, after examining the facts of the possible threat from Japanese- Canadians in Canada and the opinions of various people, the difference between fact and opinion. I learned to find all the side of the story and the positives and the negatives before making my judgements on the events.

I now understand and can appreciate diverse perspectives on issues and can resolve problems effectively and responsibly.  I did this by looking at what everyone had go through and what was best for them so I can make the right desicions.

Curricular Competencies


I made an ethical judgement about the action of internment the Japanese-Canadians in my paragraph.  I did this by analyzing the iniatial issue and looking at the outcomes and I chose the outcome that would benefit both sides.

I did assess and explained the significance of Canadian treatment of Japanese-Canadians on Canada’s present day views of equality and status under the law in my research handout.     

I did assess and explained the changes the non-Japanese-Canadians went through in my research handout. I went through my notes and analyzed the information and I stated the change of lifestyles that the people had to go through.



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