IDS Inquiry Reflection

My original inquiry question was how much can I improve during this hockey season. It hasn’t changed significantly but I shifted and formed it to “How much can I improve this hockey season, what can I do to change my performances and play style? This elaborates on my original plan so that I am able to expand my thinking and utilize different ways to get better at hockey.

My time managment during cent time has been pretty good as I show up for my class attend the meeting. I usually do some sort of research for my project than, I complete my IDS work and if I have time, I will go to one of my other classes that I need help in and get help.

Youtube has been the best resource as it shows me in a visual way how to do some moves and it has really helped with my positioning on the ice. Also, I have watched videos that have helped improve my mental health so that I am ready for the game and I have the right mindset before the game.

A challenge that I am overcoming is being able to film my evidence of improvement as I can’t physically do it. I will try to ask my peers to film my work. A challenge that I have overcame is before I was struggling to find resources and information, but now after using youtube it has helped a lot.

The cor competency that I have been using throughout this inquiry project is mainly Personal and Social competency. My teammates and friends have been supporting me and teaching me certain moves like how to perfect the toe drag and many other moves. I have been a better team player as the season has gone on and I have started playing for the team and not just myself.

I will try to make powerpoint about what I have learned and I will try to put some sort of video evidence of my skills. I believe I will be done by the end of May for my inquiry project.

I don’t think I will continue this inquiry project for my capstone next year as I will try to do something related to jobs and figure out what I want to do for work in the future.


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