American Revolution


Media Fluency Reflection

1. How was the ease of access in building your flipbook, despite this being the free and limited version of the software?

The website was really fun to build the flipbook since I knew about the website before hand and all the tools I needed were easy to access

2. Were you able to apply the skills you learned in the planning stages appropriately to a digital environment?

Yes because it was easier than the planning stage since I had everything prepared.

3. What were the sources you researched that made this an “authentic make-believe” American Revolution flipbook?

I just looked in the notes I had for socials for most of the cards (John Hancock, and the Boston massacre) but for the other i just looked it up on a few websites like Wikipedia and History.

4, Is there other software online that could have done the job better? Did you use another software instead? Explain.

I did not use any other software and I don’t think another software can compare to this one except for power point. I think this since everyone used PowerPoint before. Its easy to use and most people use it a lot more so they’re use to it.

My Storyboard

My Reflection

Tim Burton, in Edward Scissorhands, used the ending scene to show the meaning behind the story to have a good ending and make people more invested. For example, in my own interpretation, I ­­­­­­­changed the camera angle to a different angle then the movie for some scenes because I thought it would look better. I also changed the objects for scenes like the ice. The ice in the show had a shape to it and this ice did not because storyboard wouldn’t let me cut it into a person or something like that.

This adaptation from film to visual novel taught me that editing is important in a movie like shots and framing, camera angles, lighting etc. This unit also taught me how to locate all those things on the screen.

About me

My Bio

  1. Words that describe me are athletic, arrogant, funny, talkative and adventurous
  2. My most challenging subjects are math, socials and science. The one I need to work on the most is math.
  3. I learn best by working in a group with 1 or 2 other people
  4. somethings I need you to know about me are that I play basketball and football.
  5. things I want to get better at this year are all of my subject and in extra curricular lessons.
  6. when I have trouble with something I usually ask for some help from a teacher or an adult. I also, go for a run or exercise and then come back to it

My favorite website

I chose this website because I like looking at all the sports and games that happened recently. I also like to look at the highlights so I know what to do better in the sports I play for.

My Favorite Video 

(skip to 3 min and 52 seconds)
this is one of my favorite videos because he was so weak at first and had no power then he suddenly got power from this grimoire. A grimoire is a book of magic spells and invocations. This video is from an anime named black clover which has 150 episodes it might seem like a lot but I suggest you watch it if you like action, superhero fiction and comedy.

 My Favorite Image  

See the source image

I chose this picture because it was the first basketball game I watched with my my family.

My favorite quote

See the source image
this is one of my favorite quotes because I am scared of not being able to live my life the same as it always been, I feel like one thing is gonna change and everything is gonna fall apart.

See the source image
this is my #1 quote because whenever I looked at it when I was down it would always lift my spirit.