Core Competency Reflection- CLE 10 Semester 1

Personal/Social Competency Reflection

One of the ways I ensure my group is clear on the common purpose is to double check whether everyone has understood the instructions and their role within the group. It is vital for all of the group members to understand what is needed of them and for them to put in the effort too. Doing this will ensure quality work is submitted and we have understood what is being taught.

I show others that I truly value their contributions by appreciating the effort they have put into the quality work they have done. If needed, I will not hesitate to provide positive feedback and constructive criticism so that the group work can improve. This can also help other group members when it comes to understanding the task.

Some things I think about before dividing tasks among group members include time constraints, comfort, and dedication. If certain group members have a lot on their plate and cannot dedicate a large sum of their time towards the group project, it would be unfair to assign them a lengthy section within the group task. Some group members do not enjoy leaving their comfort zone, therefore, it would be wise to assign them work which is within their comfort zone, for example, my friend prefers to work on the laptop, and does not prefer to write down their thoughts with a pen and paper, I would let them stick with the laptop. If group members are not willing to dedicate their time and effort towards group projects, assigning them a good amount of the work would not be the best option.

Creative Thinking
One strategy or activity that stimulates my imagination is playing mind games. Playing mind games help me get my mind off things for a short while, and when I go back to doing the work, I can think of creative ideas more easily.

An example of something I have spent a lot of time learning about is Law. I have carried out a handful of research behind this career and explored various lifestyles, jobs, and career paths.

When faced with ambiguity or setbacks, I seek guidance from my teacher to advance the development of my ideas. When something is unclear to me, whether it be the task, my research, or opinions, I always sought out my teachers input.

Personal Awareness & Responsibility
I make ethical choices such as submitting my work on time in order to maintain a good work ethic. In my opinion, it is vital to be submitting tasks on time because you have other work waiting for you and there is a reason the teacher has assigned the work and that specific due date, because they have to mark the work.

Some of the things I do to stay mentally and physically healthy include going on walks and surrounding myself with the right energy. I find going on walks calming and it helps me reflect and at the same time, take my mind off things.

I appreciate feedback on assignments and prefer it comes in the form of written rather than verbal. I have received countless amounts of feedback on assignments in CLE and in other classes and I always appreciate the feedback so that I can better my work.

Examples of where I communicate clearly and purposefully can be seen during group tasks and when discussing with a partner during a lecture. Communicating with a partner helps you to understand more than one perspective on things.

As an active listener, I notice that I will always ask questions when I have not understood something and I give my opinion if asked. It is important to be an active listener and indulge in class discussions so that it is easier to understand what is going on.

My strategies for collecting relevant information for specific tasks include browsing the web to find articles and websites, and ask friends and family for their opinion on the subject. Asking friends and family could be effective when understanding what is being asked of you.

Attached is a planner that I made that was part of an assignment. I am very happy with how this planner turned out because initially, I struggled to create it. I had no idea what application to use and how I will plan a week in the life.

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English 11

My Artifact

My learning

This was part of an assignment that was carried out before the winter break during our poetry unit, which ended this month. I felt some excitement towards this unit because I like writing poems using different styles, rhyme schemes and tones. During this poetry unit, I found that analyzing poems did not come easily to me, therefore, I had a rather tough time analyzing poems, and looking for various poetic devices. By the end of the unit, I had analyzed a good amount of poems that it was not so difficult anymore. I can now confidently analyze a poem and put my ideas on paper and be happy with my work. One extremely valuable skill that I have not paid attention to whenever I write is my paragraph structure. I now understand how important it is to have a flowing paragraph whereby your topic sentence is thoroughly investigated by your ideas within the paragraph. This is something I have done a ton of practice on, and this unit helped me to build on this skill when analyzing poems. The attached image is a poem I wrote as part of the assignment. It is about a city called Mombasa in Kenya that my family and I would travel to every December when we were in Kenya.

Core Competency Reflection

An example of something I have spent a lot of time learning about is analyzing poems using a paragraph structure. I am now able to get a hold of various poetic devices while a reading poem, and analyze them using a paragraph! This took some time as it was not easy for me when we first started the unit.

I am so curious about writing poems, and I am excited to learn more about how I could write using various techniques to make it even better. Poetry is a beautiful aspect of literature and there is no “right way” to do it. I like writing poems that have a meaning and emotions attached to them. I would like to lengthen this skill and learn new ways of writing poems.

Inductive/Deductive Reasoning in Popular Games

I played the ‘Mastermind’ and ‘Minesweeper’ games, and it was fun! I surprisingly caught myself playing them over the weekend and I never thought a game that I played in math would be so much fun and entertaining.  

In Mastermind, your goal at the end of the game is to get the correct pattern comprising of 4 distinct colors. Each time you enter 4 colors into the row and proceed to check it, the indicator will tell you how many right colors you have, how many you do not, and whether they are in the right place or not. The indicator really helped me figure out which colors are right/wrong. This game is based on inductive reasoning.  

In Minesweeper, your goal is to complete the game without clicking on a bomb. Well, how do I do this? Every time you click on a square, you can either click on a bomb and die, or click on a safe square that tells you how many bombs are around that square. A trick Mr. Sun showed us was that around the safe square, there are 8 squares that run around it, from there you can easily figure out which square(s) not to click on. This game is based on deductive reasoning.