Safety and Sanitation – #3

Omelet made Friday October 3rd

On Friday we walked into class washed our hands and sat down in our seats. Washing your hands as soon as you enter helps to keep any outside germs out, which is great especially in the foods room. We went over our recipe, watched a demo and got right to work. Before we start cooking we have to do 6 things first, they are as follows: put your phone away, put on an apron, tie up your hair, get recipe out, roll up sleeves and wash hands last once that is all done. We do those things to ensure we are being as clean and safe as possible before starting. When making omelets you have to make sure you cook your egg all the way through as well as your toppings to prevent illnesses. My partner Niya and I made sure that our eggs were completely cooked before adding toppings to the pan. Doing that ensures there is no risk of disease or sickness. Those are just a few reasons as to why I think Safety and Sanitation are important in the kitchen.


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