Breakfast Home Lab: Breakfast Burritos

For my Breakfast Home Lab I decided to make breakfast burritos with a ton of different ingredients. I added potato, egg, turkey bacon, spinach, cheese, onion, peppers, cherry tomato’s, fresh garlic and siracha on a whole wheat tortilla. It smelled like sautéed onions and garlic, tasted like egg, siracha, and veggies, felt soft and looked really tasty. I choose to make breakfast burritos over pancakes, a breakfast sandwich or something potato because I love breakfast burritos. I think they are so cool because of all the different flavors and ingredients you can add to them. One challenge I had to overcome was that my microwave was broken so, I had to boil the potatoes instead of put them in the microwave. I cook breakfast for my mom all the time so this was nothing super surprising for her but she always loves and appreciates my cooking. I am most proud of my presentation and being able to blend multiple different flavors together. 🙂


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