Most Challenging Lab: Thin Crust Skillet Pizza

I think my most challenging foods lab was the Thin Crust Skillet Pizza because, we were running behind, and our presentation was clearly not the best. It tasted like caramelized onion and peppers, smelled a little overcooked, looked somewhat unappetizing and felt like a lot of different textures in my mouth. There is nothing crazy that made this the most challenging lab other then we were running behind and I was not in love with the final product. We met the product standards but there was just something off about it. The only challenge we really had to over come was the onions not cooking fast enough. That made us work slower because we had more time which ended up making us be behind. We did have success though because it did taste good but all the original flavours blended together which was different. I am still proud of our final product, yeah it may not look the prettiest and the flavour is not quite there. However, if I had an opportunity to do it again I would know what to do differently.


3 thoughts on “Most Challenging Lab: Thin Crust Skillet Pizza

    • If I tried it again I would try cooking it on a lower heat for longer. I might also try it on a pizza pan instead of a skillet to see if the outcome would change.

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