Metalwork Progress Reflection

Copper Rose Progression
Jewelry Torch

Critical and Reflective Thinking

Having never been in a metal class before, using the torches at the start was very intimidating. We were tasked with creating a copper rose using the Jewelry Torch but before we could start we had to do a demo on the Acetylene Torch. I was worried about using the torch, but knew I could to use my critical thinking skills to make sure I used all the correct procedures to keep myself and my classmates safe. Mr. Peterson (being the amazing teacher he is,) was able to prepare me to feel confident in my abilities. I successfully completed the Acetylene Torch demo and was then able start my rose. Reflecting back, I wish I had started sanding the rose with sandpaper rather than a file because I felt I had a lot more control once I switched. I have now moved onto the Jewelry Torch and am finding a lot of success in using it. I have observed and understood how to properly use it and now enjoy using it and investigating all the different colours I am able to create on the copper. I have a ways to go with my rose but am excited to continue the process and see what else I am able to make.


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