Core Competency Goals

Some ways I have improved this year from last year, are getting rid of distractions that consume lots of my time. another way I have improved this year is that I spend more time doing the classes that will affect my future. I spend more time focusing on my homework the days they are assigned, which gives me more time to study for tests, or focus on some of the less academic focused classes.

sometimes it is hard for me to focus for an extended amount of time, so to regain my focus and get back on track, I take a break. I usually break up my study time so I can stay on task. i will work for 25 minutes and then take a 5–10-minute break. usually during these breaks, I will get a drink of water, go on my phone, or read a little bit. this helps me refresh my brain so I can continue my work.

usually in group work settings, there are disagreements on the task at hand, which can sometimes lead to arguments. a way I find helpful to avoid this is to try to contribute both ideas into the project, but if that does not work, I find that looking for a place to meet in the middle works. both people get a little of what they suggest rather than one person’s idea being shut down.

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