My tribute costume

My tribute costume would be something sleek, dangerous looking. I want it to look like I could jump up from my seat and kill every single one of the other tributes if I felt like it. My mask symbolizes dominance, power, drive, bravery and energy. My ring, representing my craft, has a pentacle and a pair of moonstones. A stone for “new beginnings”, inner growth and strength. Soothes emotional instability and stress, and provides calmness and promotes success. My gauntlet? It’s as sharp as it looks. If you don’t know me, I look unapproachable. If you do, you know I’m not someone you want to annoy. It takes a fair bit to annoy me though. I want my tribute costume to represent that.


A.I didn’t use a character generator like most people did, I knew what I wanted right out the gate with this project and I knew I wouldn’t get it with the generator.

B. i already knew what I was going to to because the thought had already crossed my mind “what if it were me?” So I already had some ideas compiling in my head.

C. it turned out the way I wanted it to, it looks dangerous and a good representation of me

D. I’m not sure, because I really don’t have any complaints with this.

E. Nothing I didn’t know when I started this project.



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