What’s the word around town?- 100 mile house

  1. A lake: benefits ranchers who live around it
    B) Large wide open spaces: good for building houses and other buildings without having to do too much logging
  2. Flat ground:good for building and settling
    B) large forests: good for foresting and logging
  3. Large thick forests: good for logging businesses
    B) low brush vegetation: good for grazing animals which makes for good hunting
  4. A hay farm: because of the ranching and farming, a hay farm would be very beneficial
    B) machinery repair store: there is a lot of ATV, side by side and dirt-bike shops, so there will need to be repairs and customizations made.
    C) Walmart: there aren’t many general stores in town, so having a “store that has it all” would be very beneficial


  1. I was able to identify the geographical impacts to the town rather easily
  2. I was able to imagine 25 years into the future and see what would benifit the town
  3. I am satisfied, i like how it turned out, especially since I’ve never used a map website before
  4. Probably get a little further into the website, it was my first time using maphub so I had my prejudices on how this would go over





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