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My Story Board
My Reflection Tim Burton in Edward scissor hands uses camera angles and music to portray the different emotions and intentions of the scene.An example of this is when Kim cuts her hand, the camera is at a low angle the whole scene, but it can (More)
My Digital Footprint
Creating a Positive Digital Footprint I created and article using images from shutter stock and dreams time. Personal/Social C (More)
Our Utopian City
FNR city BY Fabian, Nathan and Rohan Nature/environment- for nature we have lake, forest, crops and a farm. we need this because trees are good for air and crops and a farm will be good for wildlife plants and food. A lake because I think (More)
My Digital Footprint
Creating a Positive Digital Footprint This infographic includes different ways on how to have (More)
My City
My City Communication Reflection                  ADL Build your city team assignment.  During this ADL project, we were tasked with creating our ideal&nb (More)
CREATING MY DIGITAL FOOTPRINT. I used canva to make this infographic and for my information i just mostly used asked my sib (More)
My podcast
!SEE APRILS BLOG FOR PODCAST! My reflection The book I read was Killing Mr. Griffin and I really enjoyed this book, I thought it was very interesting and kept me wanting to read more.I thought the work was spread out relatively even thro (More)
My Podcast
My Reflection What were your books? Did you enjoy / hate / not care (for) them? The book I chose was Long Way Down. The book was really short and could easily forget after summer break.How did you feel about working with a group? Did you mak (More)
My Digital Footprint
Creating A Positive Digital Footprint I used power point and a snipping tool. some websites I used are. (More)
Our Utopian City: Nina Central City
Made by: Sierra and myself (Asia) values: Health- We put health as a main value in our city because we want our city and our citize (More)
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