Choose your own Adventure: The Vaccine Incident

Communication reflection

Our project is about a vaccine that was released by the government which causes the cells to mutate which makes you a zombie, all this was an accident and now you try to escape the apocalypse. You use Twine by using google chrome, and now you make panels and write your own story. Our group communicated through online and in person, we gave each other ideas while making the story. I contributed on images for our group, and some ideas for the beginning of the story, we made sure each one of us contributed by telling each others our roles. I think as a group of 3 we worked well and also spent our time well. We made decisions in class and through talking/texting to each other online, we didn’t really face any complications during the project, but for me I had troubles getting the project on to the edublog, but I figured it out. I’m pretty satisfied with the final product, I liked the subject we did on the story and how we made different plots, overall I’m happy with the project. I’m not to sure what we could have to make the process better, I think we did our project pretty smoothly and rarely had any errors.