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My Tribute Costume

I am a 15 year old boy. I am athletic, creative, funny, kind and respectful. I play hockey, lacrosse and baseball; I used to play basketball as well. My favorite things to do in my spare time are playing sports, watching TV, playing games and most of all hanging with my friends.

What is innovative about your visual representation?

I based the costume off of my life representation.

How did you generate and develop your ideas while working on this project?

I thought of how i acted in real life.

What did you enjoy about your visual representation?

That i could pick the color i wanted.

What would you improve on for next time?

Being more creative.

What did you learn about your creative ability during this process? Must be part of your post on Edublog.

I was not very creative for this assignment.

North-West rebellion Timeline

Please feel free to view my presentation at


  1. I knew the information i used was reliable because i cited it.
  2. I chose canva because it was the easiest to understand, and had the most options available.
  3. I am very happy with how the design came out because its colorful and blends nice together.
  4. If i could change one thing about my project would be to add more information about the little things. Add more detail.

Assembly line invention

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Self Reflection:

Was I able to identify a problem with ease? How was I able to find the problem and solutions? I was not able to find to many flaws in the assembly but i tried to improve it.

How did I build my project from a backwards design? Was I able to dream of the future and identify solutions through that process? Yes i was able to think about the future of the assembly line.

Were you satisfied with the result of your design and solutions? Yes i am very satisfied with how the design turned out.

How would you refine your assignment in the future? Maybe i could have added more color and more past information about the inventions.