Cooking at home (option 7)

For my family tradition I made my own pizza. First I pre heated my oven to 400F. For my pizza I used pita bread, tomato sauce, black olives, green peppers, cheese and banana peppers. I grated the cheese then put it on the bread, after that I added all my other ingredients. I cooked my pizza for 10 minutes. My tradition is that usually once every week my family and I make our own pizza’s for dinner. The best part of this traditions in my opinion is that I get to eat pizza once every week. The only challenge I faced was not having green olives, instead I used black olives and it tasted even better. My greatest success in my pizza was the taste, I think I did a good job using the perfect amount of all of my ingredients. I am most proud of how my pizza tasted.

Cooking at home (option 5)

This week I made rice with peas for my mom and I. I have made food for my family members before but I’ve never made rice with peas before. It felt good to help my mom out by making food for her. It had a good impact on my family because my mom didn’t have to make lunch because I made it for her. My responsibilities haven’t changed that much since COVID-19, the only thing that changed is I have had to do more cleaning. I knew I would be successful since I knew that it wasn’t a hard dish to make. I did not face any challenges. I will continue to make food for my family moving forward.

Cooking at home (option 1)

I made nachos. First, I set the oven to 400F. I used tortilla chips, cheese, black olives, green onion and taco seasoning. I put the chips on the pan, grated the cheese and then put it on the chips, then I added all of the other ingredients. I cooked the nachos for 7 minutes, let them cool down for 2 minutes then put salsa on them. I got the recipe from my mom. If I were to make this dish again I would add more cheese. I didn’t face any challenges while making this dish. My greatest success in this dish was the preparation because I was able to do it really quick. I am most proud of how the final product tasted because they tasted good.

My Digital Footprint

When I googled my name I wasn’t able to find anything but my instagram account. I don’t think my digital footprint contributes that much to the online community. I think I have good control of my identity online because there isn’t much information about me online that I was able to find. I do have a online presence just not that much of one. If I keep my digital footprint the way it is I’ll be okay when I’m trying to get education in the future. In the future when I’m trying to get a career, I don’t think they will find much stuff about me online which is good.

CREATE A GOOD DIGITAL FOOTPRINT Poster | lolololol | Keep Calm-o-Matic

If you’re trying to keep your digital footprint appropriate and safe you should be cautious over anything you say online because everything you say will be on your digital footprint. Before you post something online you should think about what someone hiring you in the future would think if they saw that. Always think twice about anything you do online because you never know who might see that one day.

Digital Footprint: Good or Bad? - Katherine - Medium

I learned that there is a record for everything you do online and that record could affect you in several ways for the rest of your life. If you think twice about everything you put online then it’s pretty easy to have a good digital footprint.

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Cooking at home

This week I made carrot soup for my family. I have been asked to cook for my family before but I’ve never made carrot soup. It felt good to help make food. It made my family not have to make lunch for themselves. My responsibilities have not changed. I didn’t know if I was going to be successful with this task. I did not face any challenges while cooking. I will continue to make food for my family but I don’t know if I’ll make this soup again.

Communication (chocolate chip oatmeal cookies).

This lab went good. Making the batter went really good but I struggled a bit when I was making each cookie even in size. Having good communication is really important when you’re cooking, if you don’t have good communication you could mess up what you’re making or someone could end up getting hurt. Good communication is talking with your partner and making sure you’re both aware of everything that’s going on in the lab. If you don’t communicate and something goes wrong, you and your partner should fix the problem and discuss how to communicate better.

This photo shows communication because the cookies are all made the same.

Safety and sanitation (omelets).

This lab went pretty good overall. Making the batter for the omelet went well but I struggled a bit with cutting my vegetables because I didn’t know how to cut them into the correct shape. The safety concerns with this lab was using a knife and cooking on the stove, therefor I made sure to hold the knife properly and I kept my eye on the stove when I was cooking. For sanitation I made sure to do the six things for sanitation before starting the lab. When I got my vegetables I rinsed them with water and dried them with paper towel to make sure they were clean. All the things I did for sanitation were important to stay safe from pathogens and colds, coughs and flues.

Most Memorable Food Experience

My most memorable food experience was three years ago when my family went on a cruise to Mexico. When we went to Puerto Vallarta for the day, my family went to a restaurant for lunch and I decided to get jalapeno poppers. When the waiter brought me my food they didn’t look how I expected they would, they were big jalapenos covered in deep fried bread. After eating my first one, my mouth felt like it was on fire so I drank a bunch of water. I couldn’t even finish the whole plate of them without my family’s help, however the jalapeno poppers were actually really good. If I went back to that restaurant I would order the jalapeno poppers again just because they tasted so good.