My Digital Footprint

When I googled my name I wasn’t able to find anything but my instagram account. I don’t think my digital footprint contributes that much to the online community. I think I have good control of my identity online because there isn’t much information about me online that I was able to find. I do have a online presence just not that much of one. If I keep my digital footprint the way it is I’ll be okay when I’m trying to get education in the future. In the future when I’m trying to get a career, I don’t think they will find much stuff about me online which is good.

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If you’re trying to keep your digital footprint appropriate and safe you should be cautious over anything you say online because everything you say will be on your digital footprint. Before you post something online you should think about what someone hiring you in the future would think if they saw that. Always think twice about anything you do online because you never know who might see that one day.

Digital Footprint: Good or Bad? - Katherine - Medium

I learned that there is a record for everything you do online and that record could affect you in several ways for the rest of your life. If you think twice about everything you put online then it’s pretty easy to have a good digital footprint.

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American revolution timeline


I knew the information I gathered was reliable because I got it from the social studies 9 textbook. I used Sway to display my learning because it was easiest one for me to use. I’m pretty satisfied with the result of my design, however I think I could’ve done a bit better. In the future I would use a different way to display my timeline because there are other websites that I could’ve created a better looking timeline on.