Communication (chocolate chip oatmeal cookies).

This lab went good. Making the batter went really good but I struggled a bit when I was making each cookie even in size. Having good communication is really important when you’re cooking, if you don’t have good communication you could mess up what you’re making or someone could end up getting hurt. Good communication is talking with your partner and making sure you’re both aware of everything that’s going on in the lab. If you don’t communicate and something goes wrong, you and your partner should fix the problem and discuss how to communicate better.

This photo shows communication because the cookies are all made the same.

Safety and sanitation (omelets).

This lab went pretty good overall. Making the batter for the omelet went well but I struggled a bit with cutting my vegetables because I didn’t know how to cut them into the correct shape. The safety concerns with this lab was using a knife and cooking on the stove, therefor I made sure to hold the knife properly and I kept my eye on the stove when I was cooking. For sanitation I made sure to do the six things for sanitation before starting the lab. When I got my vegetables I rinsed them with water and dried them with paper towel to make sure they were clean. All the things I did for sanitation were important to stay safe from pathogens and colds, coughs and flues.

American revolution timeline


I knew the information I gathered was reliable because I got it from the social studies 9 textbook. I used Sway to display my learning because it was easiest one for me to use. I’m pretty satisfied with the result of my design, however I think I could’ve done a bit better. In the future I would use a different way to display my timeline because there are other websites that I could’ve created a better looking timeline on.