Cooking at home week two (27-3)

I made rice and quinoa pilaf with carrots, celery and onion, as well as balsamic vinegar parmesan green beans and chicken with soy sauce, brown sugar and garlic. The chicken looked golden with chard lined from the bbq, the rice looked like rice and the green beans looked evenly coated with balsamic vinegar. The chicken smelled sweet and savoury, the rice smelled like carrots and celery, the green beans smelled like balsamic. The chicken tasted sweet and savory, the rice tasted like rice with carrots and celery, the green beans tasted to strongly like balsamic. The chicken sounded crispy, the rice sounded soft, the green beans sounded squeaky. I didn’t feel any of it because I used a fork. I didn’t use a recipe but I did get some help from my mom on what to do next a few times, but other than that I made it up. If I was going to make this dish again I would put less balsamic in the green beans it was too strong. A challenge I faced was not knowing how to bbq, I overcame this by getting my dad to help me. My greatest success with this dish was the rice quinoa pilaf, I had never made this before and i ended up really liking it. I am most proud of the chicken because I liked learning how to make it.


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