Marketing 11: Creating a Promotional Video for Metal and Art Jewelry

The project went well, I enjoyed the creative freedom in making the videos.  I found it difficult to find pictures that properly showcased the course outline. I only made one video. I enjoyed making the metal one the most it was easiest to make appealing. I learned how to use Canva.

Core Competency Self-Assessment

social awareness and responsibility

In math we had to do a project based on buying things to fill a bedroom, this helped me reflect on my shopping habits, because it made me see that i should learn how to better budget my money. I can make ethical choices in buying products, in order to make sure the goods i’m buying are fairly made.

The scale factor excel sheet.

Marketing and Promotion Core Competency February

“I can recognize my strengths and take responsibility for using strategies to focus, manage stress, and accomplish my goals”.
I demonstrated this core competency this month when I was making and presenting my Marketing P assignment because I recognized public speaking is not necessarily one of my strengths so I managed my stress by making sure I was as prepared as possible.

cooking at home week one

For my second cooking at home dish I made fish tacos, using cod, homemade coleslaw and mayo chipotle sauce. it smelled like fried fish, it looked crispy and golden, it sounded crunchy, it tasted like fried fish and creamy avocado, It felt like a tortilla. I made this recipe up. If I was going to make this dish again I would do a different sauce on the coleslaw.Something I overcame with this dish was struggling to fry the fish, because I had never done that before, I overcame that by getting help. My greatest success with this dish was making and preparing the fish, because it was fun and new. I am most proud of doing most of it by myself, because it was fun to be cooking more independently.

cooking at home 20-26

I made leftover rice then mixed it with leftover sausage and veggies. The food tasted like soy sauce, it smelled like grilled sausage, it didn’t really sound like anything, it looked like the picture, I didn’t feel it with my hands I used a fork. I made up this dish. If I was going to make this again I would use a different selection of veggies. A challenge I overcame was not having a wide selection of food in my fridge to choose from. My greatest accomplishment with this dish was finding things to make it from. I am most proud of the final product, I liked it.