Core competencies self assessment

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In this class I learned that planning ahead is very important and to always have back up plans just incase.

I can apply this skill in my everyday life by planning ahead when buying groceries.

this skill is important in everyday life because if you plan ahead your always going to get the best results.

Ms rands claSS

By being nice to my peers I make their day and learning experience better, more enjoyable and funner.

Some of the ways I work to build and maintain relationships are by helping others and being nice all the time one way to do this is to leave people happier than you found them.

When I need to boost my mood or re-focus I take a break to go on my phone fore a couple minutes to recollect my thoughts.

Examples of where I communicate clearly and purposely can be seen in the classroom the groceries store.

My utopian City: FRN

This city is a very chill and relaxing place we have our own little park with a lake that you can swim in. In our city you can also work to improve yourself with a gym so you can go get those gains and there is also a basketball court so you can hang out and play some basketball with your friends. Our city has some beautiful houses that are very luxurious and spacious and that can suit every single one of your needs. As you may notice this is a very green friendly place I like to think of it that the people that I’ve there are truly one with nature.

ADL Digital Footprint

I know that my digital footprint can have both positive and negative consequences like a negative consequence is that if I share to much of my personal life online people could know where I live. A positive consequence is that I can make so many friends online and you meet so many nice people online. 

 Some of my preferred strategies for maintaining a healthy, balanced online presence include. Not being online for extended periods of time to take a break from the computer or phone and take a step outside can be beneficial for us. Another strategy I use to maintain a balanced online presence is be kind to everyone you meet online and not leave any rude or mean comments on anyone’s post because that can really affect their mental health.  

I make digital ethical choices such as not to make a fool of myself online so other people could see and make fun of me. Aswell as not posting anything rude or mean about other people in order to help keep a good image online.  

What’s the Word around town

I was able to find out how Geography impacted the town but it was really hard for me because i cant pull out information when reading stuff easily but i was able to find out by researching for hours.

The technology affected my learning because I am not good at this technology that I really had a hard time doing the map and knowing how to do the things I didn’t find any pros I absolutely hated using map hub it was confusing and difficult for me and when i finished my project it didn’t save so now I had to hand in my 6 markers instead of the 9.

I was not happy with the design because it would have been better but it didn’t save my work I spent like 10 hours doing it so it would be perfect but the stupid website didn’t save so I wasted my time and my effort.

I would refine this by 1 picking a different town because jasper was a hard one for the parks because half of them were in Banff and 2 I would check twice before leaving the site to make sure it saved.

About me

My name is Fabian and I am part Mexican and part Canadian. I enjoy playing video games and watching movies shows or YouTube videos. My favourite move is dinner for shmucks. I have 2 brothers one is named Frankie and my other brother which is my identical twins name is Fabrizio. I have 2 dogs which are chihuahuas ones name is Lola and the other is named Nena.

Valorant resolution and refresh rate settings: A guide to getting the best  out of your system monitor
Picture of something that I enjoy playing Valorant

This is the link to the website that I am interested in

The quote that means something to me The best revenge is massive success -Frank Sinatra

The goal that I hope to achieve is doing one hundred pushups without stoping