Breakfast Sandwich

For this lab, I made a breakfast sandwich that consisted of egg, bacon, onions, peppers, chives, and a scone to make it a sandwich. We were able to be creative with this lab because we could choose how we wanted to cook our egg, and what different vegetables we wanted to put in it. My goal for this lab was to finish it quick and efficiently, and be ahead of schedule. I achieved my goal because I planned out what I was going to do before starting so I was more organized, and then I was able to help the other people in my group with their breakfast sandwiches if they were falling behind. The skills I used in this lab were knife skills because I had to cut up onions and peppers and sauté them in a pan until they were golden brown. I feel I have good knife skills because I practice at home when I help cook dinner, so this reflects in my work in foods class. A success I had during this lab was finishing on time, and also my product standards because my egg was cooked perfectly as well as the scone we baked for the sandwich. It tasted delicious and it was very flavourful with the onions, peppers, and chives. I would definitely make this again at home because it was very easy to make, and I would add different foods to my sandwich for example, lettuce and tomato to make a BLT.


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