Lava Cake

For this lab I did a chocolate lava cake. I would give this a 4/10 for nutrition because there is a lot of chocolate and butter for each portion of cake. A challenge I faced during this ,Abe was ,asking sure not to overcook the cake because I wanted it to be runny in the middle and soft on the edges. During this lab, I forgot to butter the ramekins before pouring the batter into them , which resulted in them sticking to the bowls, so I decided to leave eat them out of the ramekins. I did not meet the product standards because the middle was not as runny as I wanted it to be, it was much softer and for these reasons I gave this lab three stars. A success I had during this lab was that the cake still tasted delicious and it didn’t take long to make. I liked this recipe because it was very straightforward and a dish that I could make for friends and family very easily. Next time I would make sure not to overcook the cake, and I would definitely make this again for my friends and family,


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