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“It’s important to evolve and not sit in one space” -Virgil Abloh

I chose this quote because success is not achieved with single events. You have to try new things and break out of your comfort zone, when your life is no longer predictable and that life knocks you out of your comfort zone, then you’re able to grow. Growing out of your comfort zone is very important because there is a high chance you will pick up a new skill, every skill you acquire doubles your odds of success. Most of us don’t bother to test our limits and we get too comfortable, you wont be able to unlock your true potential if you don’t self-improve. If you constantly improve yourself and to overcome many challenges in life you will be advanced and be successful.

My Favorite Youtube Video

This video/live stream is my favorite, low fidelity aka Lo-Fi assists me during my studies and also helps me to relax. Lo-fi will help you focus because the brain picks out the distinction of sounds and in return it helps you to go in a mindset of focus

Favorite Photo

While scrolling through my google drive I came across an old photo, I remember that day where everything had started in my Taekwondo journey. This photo is meaningful to me and I didn’t know a picture can get me through a flush of memories and a nostalgic flash back.

Favorite Websites



These 2 link are my favorite websites, “SSENSE” and “StockX” is where I go online shopping for authentic designer brands. You can definitely trust both of these online marketplaces, All the shoes and clothes are all authenticated and you don’t have to worry about receiving fakes.

History of my birthday September 27

-Zhai Zhigang was the first Chinese man to walk on space

-Nasa launches Dawn probe to study and explore Vesta and Ceres which is are 2 large objects of the astroid belt

-The European Space Agency launched SMART1-satellite

-The Taliban captured Afghanistan’s capital city

I chose these words because it describes me


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