The lab that I am discussing in this blog is the pancake lab. It was one of the more unsuccessful attempts at making food. Particularly when we were pouring and flipping the pancakes. The first batch took longer than they should have because we couldn’t agree when to take them off. They still turned out deformed and under-cooked. The bright side is that at least everything tasted good. Communication is important with your group because if you don’t have it, accidents can happen. They can be small like food burning, or big like someone slipping on oil. Good communication can be asking your group members what tasks are still needed to be done. Even if accidents do happen, you can take initiative, and fix them. This can be done by doing things such as wiping up any spilled oil.

Most Memorable Food Experience

“An Image of a Bunch of Churros.” Spend With Pennies, 20 Dec. 2018,

My most memorable experience with food was after my friend and I attempted to make these wonderful treats. What resulted from this decision was a disaster. Perhaps our first mistake was using a recipe from Tik Tok. The intelligence of this move is debatable, but you got to try everything once. The issue we ran into while baking was inadequate preparation. Halfway into the recipe, we discovered that we didn’t have the right pot to fry the churros. If that wasn’t bad enough, we also ran out of suitable oil. What we ended up using was a mixture of various oils; ranging from vegetable oil to olive oil, and still we were lacking. In the end, the churros did not fry properly so we were left with half-baked and doughy bread-sticks. This tragic story has left it’s mark on me. How I didn’t get food poisoning, I still don’t know.