Independent Novel Study Review

The Outsiders

outsider the book – Bing images

The Writing Process

This review was surprisingly easy to write. There is plenty to say about the book, so I did not have difficulty brainstorming things related to the themes presented within this novel. However it was difficult to categorize the events into the appropriate plot points. Some of the moments could have fit within more than one of those categorizes. I liked being able to share my thoughts on the book. However, I did not find much joy in presenting orally to the class. I overcame the challenge of presenting because otherwise my grades would suffer.

Core Competencies

I use evidence to make judgements or decisions as demonstrated by how I had to figure out the themes of the Outsiders based on what their actions where within the book. Examples of where I communicate clearly and purposefully can be seen in how I had to concise my points about the book into a seven minute speech. An example of something I have spent a lot of time learning about is how to properly identify and categorize the structure of a book that I am reading. I hope to improve on my strategies for collecting relevant information for specific tasks because it is useful for projects, and I will practice this by visiting a variety of sources for research.