what’s the word around town- Jasper Alberta


I was able to identify how the geography Impacts the town relatively easy as all I had to do was some background checks and research.

it wasn’t that hard although it did take me a bit to get the hang of it. it was pretty easy to dream of a future because i always dream of what the future would be like, so the identifying and finding a solution wasn’t hard.

i was happy with the whole layout of the design i found it very neat with the color and item themes, the info was good as i put thought into it.

i would change my work habits as this would have been in on time and maybe change where i put my pin as i didn’t really think where i should have put it.

What’s the word around town project

I was able to identify how the geography impacts the town pretty easily as all I had to do was do some research, and it wasn’t that much of an impact.

it wasn’t that hard just took bit more thought. I was able to dream of the future and identify a solution.

I was happy with my design and solutions as I did put good work and thought into it.

I would just do what I have always done but get it on schedule.