Breakfast Hash- Knife skills

Breakfast hash reflection

For this class we made a breakfast hash, which I was pretty excited to make because I have never had it before. I think this lab was not really a success for me because we made it way to spicy by accident. Incidentally we also learned the power of spice and how you could not take it out once you put it in. It also was not a big success for me because we put rutabaga in it (Turnip) which i found was much more dense then the potato and had a different texture. Over all i found this was a So-So lab because i tried something new.

Knife skills

During learning knife skills, I learned how to properly hold a knife and how to safely use it.When we learned how to use the knife we learned to put our thumb and index finger on the blade of the knife right after the handle. I learned how to slice food, cube mince, dice and how to cut leaf items [ex spinach] safely. These skills would positively effect your dish by your dishes presentation. It would also make sure that your food is evenly cooked and its overall appearance.


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