Cooking at home 7

Family traditions- cinnamon buns

cinnamon buns

For this lab i decided to make cinnamon buns; to do this my friend and i did some recipe looking and found on for my bread machine, after we did that we started to make our mixture and pressed dough/pasta button and waited about 2 hours. After that i pulled it out, floured the counter. Cut the dough in 2 sections and rolled it out with a rolling pin. After i got it in a thinner square i put a brown sugar melted butter mixture on it and started to roll it. It does not say to put melted butter on it at you roll it but my mom normally does that so that’s what i did. then i cut it into equal thin peaces and did the same for the other half of dough. then i buttered the pan and put all the buns in the pan and cooked them.

This has been a tradition for as long as i can remember, but my mom normally makes it in two variations; one in a bunt pan and the one in cinnamon rolls. And this tradition started when my mom was a kid. This tradition started when my mom was younger in the salmon arm in her family farm. There’s not too much meaning around this because the way it has been made has changes through the years. But to me its special because it only get made one or two times a year. The best part of this would definitely be the filling ans icing on top of it. The challenges that i faced where i could not figure out how to use the bread machine, so i face timed my cousin and she showed me how to use it. another challenge i faced was i could not fit all the buns in one pan so i had to get a smaller one to fit the last three in it. I think the greatest success in this dish would be the final product because last time i made this it was super hard and dry and this time its super soft and moist. I am most proud of the prep i did because it made it so much easier to do.


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