Cooking at home #1

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

For this home lab I made Chocolate covered strawberries. For this lab I had strawberries in my fridge and I had a left over bock of bakers chocolate; So I decided I wanted to utilize these things to make them. So I started off with cutting the chocolate brick to about 1/4 cup of pure dark chocolate. then I put my double boiler on the stove to heat it up. I chose to use a double boiler because, I did not want to burn the chocolate. Especially because I had cut up the chocolate so it was all different sizes. After it was warm to the touch I put a little but of milk and butter to melt and warm up. As soon as the butter melted, I put the chocolate in and stirred it till it all melted smooth. Then I put sugar in it. ( I would normally put powdered sugar in it but we did not have any.) after I mixed it in, i started cutting the strawberries and getting them ready for the chocolate. Then I found out that the best way the get it fully covered, was to swearword it around the bowl. I did not use a recipe to make this dish. If i were to make this dish again I would use the icing sugar because, it would be thicker and and less see threw. The challenges I had to over come where not having the powdered sugar, so I replaced I with normal white sugar. I think my biggest success would be the final product because I’ve never made this and I’m really proud of it. I am most proud of not burning the chocolate because I seem to burn a lot of things.


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