About Me

My favorite quote

”Sometimes it’s good to be scared. It means you still have something to loose…” -Meredith Grey (Greys Anatomy) I like this quote because it reminds you to persevere and if you are scared to keep trying and striving for the best you, you can be.

My favorite YouTube clip

I chose this clip because I really enjoy this show and you can re-watch it so many times and it won’t get old.

A photo that has meaning to me

The reason I picked this photo is because it represents that even if you don’t really want to you should still go and get your feet wet, or just go because there’s puppy’s.

My favorite website


The reason I chose this website is because I really like dogs and this website has 25 super cute dogs, and when you want to look at cute dogs this is the website for you.

History of my birthday

My birthday is June 10th 2005 and the things that happened before that where very interesting.

  • June 10th 1190, Fredrick Barbarossa drowns in a river while leading an army of the third crusade
  • June 10th 1692, Bridget Bishop was hung in Salem, Mass for witchcraft.
  • June 10th 1854, the U.S. Naval in Annapolis, Maryland, holds its first graduation.
  • June 10th 1861, Dorothea Dix is appointed superintendent of Female Nurses for the union army.
  • June 10th 1898, U.S. Marines land in Cuba.
  • June 10th 1905, Japan and Russia agreed to peace talks brokered by president Theodore Roosevelt.
  • June 10th 1925,Tennessee adopts a new biology text book denying the theory of evolution.
  • June 10th 1940, The Norwegians army capitulates to the Germans.
  • June 10th 1943, Allies began bombing Germany, around the clock.
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my friend and I did not get the same ads

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